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Showing posts from March, 2020

Early Progress

I have started to work on some character and location descriptions for my main story.  When I have some of these more fully completed I will publish them here.  The characters so far are two students (who will likely be the main characters of the story), and a teacher.  I have also started on a description of the classroom.  This has been interesting.  I always enjoy books that spend a lot of time describing the scenes. I also found this  which seems to have some interesting links.  I have just started to go through them. Eventually when I have some characters and locations fully worked out I plan to write some short stories that will probably tie into the main story.

Grammar Refresher

As I said in my first post, I'm planning to write a book or series of posts approximately the length of a book. I haven't done much writing since I was in school.  It was never really my favorite thing to do.  I wasn't horrible at it, but I think I have forgotten a lot about grammar and other language rules.  I have been going through this tutorial:  to try to refresh my memory on things I have forgotten.  There are also probably many things I never knew.