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Writing Start 2

 hello something where bear plants trees outside dirt grass animals trees perspective At first it was dark. I was contained, but I new what to do. I began stretching out, pushing through the dirt. I could feel the moist soil all around me. Then suddenly part of me burst out into light. I could feel the rays on my first leaf as it spread out. The light moved quickly and faded to darkness in the West, but reappeared just as quickly in the East. This cycle, I call them days and nights, continued for some time. In the meantime I continued to expand, both through the moist soil and out into the air. I grew a few more leaves and stretched higher into the air. I was able to move my leaves just fast enough so I could feel the light for the whole day from East to West. This continued for many cycles.  Then I began to notice the days changing. The dark portion was getting longer and the light portion getting shorter. The air was also getting much colder during the dark portions. It was hurting m