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Recent Writing Activity

 I have been writing pretty consistently lately.  I have almost finished a draft of my first short story.  It takes place in the same world as my "novel" and involves some of the characters.  I quote "novel" because I will not necessarily be publishing it in that form.  I have also written drafts of several shorter stories unrelated to my main story.  These are shorter, in the range of a 500 - 1000 words.  My first short story will probably be around 2000 words. I plan on making it the first of three short stories that I will finish before I start writing my novel.  In the mean time I plan on writing several more of the shorter stories, or flash fiction as they are called. I am publishing drafts and some other content on Patreon if anyone is interested.  I have some plans for after my novel also.  Maybe a second book.