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Staring at the wall, I can see shapes.  They seem alive.  Are they trying to communicate with me?  Should I try to communicate with them?  I'll reach out with my mind.  They are moving. Does it mean something?  That one is turning a deep blue, like staring into the depths of the ocean.  Maybe it is angry.  Did I make it angry?   It's coming away from the wall towards me now.  I can't seem to move.  It is surrounding me.  Now the other shapes are here, each a different color.  Red moves in front of my face, taking on a ghostly form.  I can see a face forming, eyes and a mouth.  The mouth splits open, showing darkness inside. "Who are you?" I say. "Who are you?" Red echos back. Blue still surrounds us.  How did I get here?  Is this some kind of dream?  Just then, Purple takes shape to my right and pushes up against me.  It seems like they are real. "Who are you?" Red says again. "John" I say. "John" says Red. A mouth opens up
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The Classroom

I wrote this a while ago.  It is a description of a classroom in a story that I am still working on. I should make a few attempts to rewrite this.  I think I could do better now. The classroom is set up in a half round amphitheater style.  The instructor stands out in front of the first row.  From there, he or she controls a 3D projection device that can produce images high up above so all the students can easily see them.  There are five rows ranging from a radius of about five feet up to the last row at about 25 feet.  Each row has a continuous seat and table that stretches all the way around.  There are steps on each side of the half circle.  The base for the seats and table are all made from concrete.  The seats are then covered with a soft black plastic material to make them warmer and more comfortable to sit on.  The table top is covered with gray and white stone polished so you can see your reflection. All this allows for about 45 students to sit comfortably.  The table top i

writing start 1

Luca Cat Snake The snake slithered into a small hole in the wall.  I wish I could do that.  I had been trapped in this room for hours, maybe more than a day.  It's hard to tell.  There is a single light bulb hanging on a wire from the ceiling, and no way that I can find to turn it off.   I can't see any other light from any of the other cracks or holes in the walls. The walls and ceiling are all maybe from wide rough planks.  There is a door made of the same thing with one board running diagonally.  There are no knobs or locks on the inside.  There are two large hinges on the left side.  There is nothing I can find in here that could remove the screws. Flashback to before the room

Patreon Post and Other Updates

I haven't posted here or on Patreon for several months.  Hopefully this will be the start of some new posts. I posted on Patreon today also. I got an email from Patreon about a writers group that is going to be meeting once a week. This motivated me to post again. I'm also going to try attending those meetings. Hopefully that will keep me motivated to keep writing. That's all for today.

Jack Grapes

 I've been watching some interviews with a writer/actor named  Jack Grapes . The interviews are on a YouTube channel called Film Courage, but I also just found that he has a site here . He is very interesting to listen to and seems like an excellent teacher. He talks a lot about what he calls your deep voice. Basically, what I think it means is writing with your own voice, not trying to make it sound overly embellished, not using a lot of big words or over doing your descriptions. According to him, this style can be used, but it should be used sparingly throughout the writing. Switching into this style and back to your deep voice will make the writing interesting to the reader. I continuously learn new things. I will try to post some examples of my writing soon using this newly learned technique.

Story Start: Survival At All Costs

This is a story about man-kind facing a disaster that would require making some hard choices. I will probably finish this or a similar story at some point. I also have some other ideas about different situations where people consider changing humans to better face challenges they come up against. Survival at all costs. What does that mean? No price is too high? Survival or the individual? Survival of the species? Survival of life on Earth? If Earth was threatened with destruction, what could we save? Given a deadline of a year, what would we choose to do to give our species, or any life, the best chance for survival. It has just been discovered that a small black hole is approaching our solar system. It will swing around our sun in about two years and disrupt the orbits of all the planets in our solar system. Scientists have calculated the approaching black hole will pull the Earth out into a higher orbit. In approximately a year's time, the surface of the Earth will become inhospi


  This is the final version of my third short story. Let me know what you think. I have been revising it for a while, but I finally decided to just be done with it. I have so many other ideas that I want to get to. "What's that sound?" It's a cabin pressure alarm. The ship is leaking atmosphere. "Something is happening to the ship. My course brought me too close to a star. Where am I? I must have gotten off course. I'm going to have to land and make repairs. There is a planet here that should work. I'll have to work in the suit if the air isn't breathable. I can do it. I've done it before." "There it is. It looks red and green from up here, like the swirling colors of a giant marble. I hope that is solid ground. Why am I talking to myself? There's no one else here." After some maneuvers, the ship slides into a relatively stable orbit around the planet. The scans show I should be able to survive down there if the repairs take som