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Continued Progress

It has been a while since I posted here.  Since last time I have posted several other things on Patreon.  I have been continuing to work on my first short story.  The final draft is almost complete.  When that is complete I will probably post it here.  The notes and earlier drafts will be on Patreon.  It has been interesting.  The story was originally planned as kind of an introduction to the story that I will write for my novel.  That has changed.  I am going to keep the short story as is, but many of the details of the world will be different in the novel.  I am starting on a second short story that will take place in the same world as the larger story, unless things change again.  I have just gotten started on that one, so it will be a while.  As I get stuck on that story I will continue to do other writing.  Some of that will be posted here and some on Patreon.  Writing is still new to me, so I will continue to learn and practice as much as I can.
Recent posts

Recent Writing Activity

I have been writing pretty consistently lately.  I have almost finished a draft of my first short story.  It takes place in the same world as my "novel" and involves some of the characters.  I quote "novel" because I will not necessarily be publishing it in that form.  I have also written drafts of several shorter stories unrelated to my main story.  These are shorter, in the range of a 500 - 1000 words.  My first short story will probably be around 2000 words.I plan on making it the first of three short stories that I will finish before I start writing my novel.  In the mean time I plan on writing several more of the shorter stories, or flash fiction as they are called.I am publishing drafts and some other content on Patreon if anyone is interested.  I have some plans for after my novel also.  Maybe a second book.

Using Github for Writing

I recently setup a Patreon account.  One of the things that I plan on publishing for patrons are early drafts of my work.  For my day job I work as a programmer and we use Github to store our work because keeps everything backed up and maintains a record of all changes.

I decided to do that for my writing so I can easily go back and find drafts and early versions of my writing to publish on Patreon.  It has been working well so far.  I think it will be very fun to be able to look back.

Short Story and Other Progress

I have been working on a short story that is related to the larger work that I will be publishing here eventually.  The short story makes use of some of the characters and setting from the main story.  I have started working on an outline and making other notes.  I'll make some of this available at some point.

I have also started writing some other unrelated stories.  These are much shorter.  I believe this is sometimes called flash fiction.  I have published some drafts of that work on Patreon if anyone is interested.

It has been very interesting.  I am beginning to enjoy writing very much.  It gives me the feeling that I could do anything or go anywhere in a story.  I had never thought about it that way before.

Patreon Account Setup

I have setup a Patreon account to allow early access to my work as I make progress towards becoming a writer and eventually finishing my first novel.

I am beginning work on a short story that I hope to finish within a few months.  My plan is for it to take place in the same world and introduce some characters from my novel.  I will post more here as I make progress.

Writing Practice

My last 3 posts have been some writing practice unrelated to the story I am working on.  I chose to write about running since I've been doing a lot of that lately.  I started with a first person account of going on a morning run, then I copied that and changed it to third person point of view.  Some things are different between the two just because they sounded better.  It was fun to write about something personal.

I came back a couple days later and read them both.  I didn't really like either one.  The first person story seemed like it had "I" in every sentence, and the third person story had "he" in every sentence.  I decided to try to write something that doesn't use either one.  I managed to do it and I like the way it reads, but I'm not sure how it would work for a longer story.  I feels more like a poem.  Most of the "sentences" aren't actual sentences.  I think I'll give it a couple days again and come back and read it and …


Running shoes, headphones, music playing, and out the door.  Running, but not too fast.  Pace yourself.  Feet pounding on the road one after the other, left then right.  Muscles tight from days of running.  Off the gravel and onto the pavement.  Muscles warmer, it's getting easier. 

Four miles today.  That's a long run.  The end of the first mile is approaching.  Breathing in and out, maintaining the pace is getting harder.  After a mile the running slows briefly to a walk.  After a minute, breathing recovered, the pace quickens again.  Four miles? Is that too far?

The end of mile two is coming up quickly now.  Time to turn back.  A short walk again and it's back to running.  Faster now as the end gets closer.  The third mile comes to an end.  That one seemed easier.

After a quick walk break the fourth mile is already in progress.  Push yourself, you can go faster.  Running, out of breath, is the pace too fast?  The end is close now.  A few more minutes and the run is fini…