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trees perspective

At first it was dark. I was contained, but I new what to do. I began stretching out, pushing through the dirt. I could feel the moist soil all around me. Then suddenly part of me burst out into light. I could feel the rays on my first leaf as it spread out. The light moved quickly and faded to darkness in the West, but reappeared just as quickly in the East. This cycle, I call them days and nights, continued for some time.

In the meantime I continued to expand, both through the moist soil and out into the air. I grew a few more leaves and stretched higher into the air. I was able to move my leaves just fast enough so I could feel the light for the whole day from East to West. This continued for many cycles. 

Then I began to notice the days changing. The dark portion was getting longer and the light portion getting shorter. The air was also getting much colder during the dark portions. It was hurting my leaves. I stopped getting energy from them. Then they began to fall off. Over the course of a few dozen days they were all gone.

I stood motionless not knowing what to do, for what seemed like a long time. The days got very dark and cold. I had no leaves. My roots had stopped growing. I assumed the end would come soon. How much longer could I survive like this.

Then I began to notice something. The light portion of the day seemed to grow longer. The air was getting warmer. Soon I began to grow buds, the beginnings of new leaves. My roots were expanding again. Searching through the ground for new rich soil and moisture. I encountered rocks and various creatures moving so fast through the soil I could barely perceive them.

I grew new leaves, I had eight of them now. I expanded further up and out into the air. I never dreamed I could get this big. Little did I know then, the future I had in store.

Once again the light began to grow shorter and the temperature lower. I was somewhat frightened. This time, not from the unknown, but because I knew what was coming. At least I thought I did. Then I lost my leaves for a second time and began to wait for the warm days to return.

Sometime during these cold days something brushed against me. It happened so fast I could barely sense it. Afterward I was not the same. One of my small branches had been broken. I knew for sure I would not survive. I could never be the same again. Without that branch I wouldn't have enough leaves, even if I made it to the warm days again.

The days continued, however, and began to get warm and bright again. Once again, I started growing new branches and buds for new leaves. The broken branch was soon replaces by two new branches, and I quickly forgot about it. This warm cycle, I call it summer, passed and the next cold cycle, winter, followed.

Several more summers and winters went by. I was growing larger every time. I had a few hundred leaves by now. Then one time during the bright warm part of summer something horrible happened. A creature or some other force came in a whirlwind and plucked several dozen of my leaves off. In an instant I was nearly destroyed.

Using stored energy I began to grow new leaves to replace them, and it happened again. I was distraught for many days, but it didn't happen again that summer. 


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