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Staring at the wall, I can see shapes.  They seem alive.  Are they trying to communicate with me?  Should I try to communicate with them?  I'll reach out with my mind.  They are moving. Does it mean something?  That one is turning a deep blue, like staring into the depths of the ocean.  Maybe it is angry.  Did I make it angry?  

It's coming away from the wall towards me now.  I can't seem to move.  It is surrounding me.  Now the other shapes are here, each a different color.  Red moves in front of my face, taking on a ghostly form.  I can see a face forming, eyes and a mouth.  The mouth splits open, showing darkness inside.

"Who are you?" I say.

"Who are you?" Red echos back.

Blue still surrounds us.  How did I get here?  Is this some kind of dream? 

Just then, Purple takes shape to my right and pushes up against me.  It seems like they are real.

"Who are you?" Red says again.

"John" I say.

"John" says Red.

A mouth opens up on Purple.

"John" says Purple.

I'm floating up now. As I look back, my chair disappears into Blue.  The other shapes are floating around me, some still formless.  Red seems to become more human shaped with each passing second.  It has arms and legs now.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Where are we going?" says Red and Purple together.  Their voices sound almost the same as mine.  This must be some kind of dream.  Just then, Red reaches out its arm and touches the top of my head.  I feel my thoughts being accessed.  I can see Red observing my memories.  They are all playing back in my head with Red always there, watching.  I drift off for a minute, unable to keep conscious.

I wake up suddenly.  Red is in front of me and I can see my chair below us again.  Red continues to change.  He looks more and more like me.  As he changes, he floats down towards my chair.  When this started, I was sitting in a recliner in my living room, looking at the wall.  I see more of my living room surrounding the chair below.  Red now looks exactly like me.  He floats down and sits in the chair.  I can see the chair next to mine.  My wife is sitting there.

Red turns to her.

"Lets change the channel. I don't like this show." Red says.

"Sure, honey," my wife says.

The room below fades away and I am again surrounded by Blue.  The other colors have gone now.  Where am I?  What just happened?  My memories seem to fade away.


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