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The Classroom

I wrote this a while ago.  It is a description of a classroom in a story that I am still working on. I should make a few attempts to rewrite this.  I think I could do better now.

The classroom is set up in a half round amphitheater style.  The instructor stands out in front of the first row.  From there, he or she controls a 3D projection device that can produce images high up above so all the students can easily see them.  There are five rows ranging from a radius of about five feet up to the last row at about 25 feet.  Each row has a continuous seat and table that stretches all the way around.  There are steps on each side of the half circle.  The base for the seats and table are all made from concrete.  The seats are then covered with a soft black plastic material to make them warmer and more comfortable to sit on.  The table top is covered with gray and white stone polished so you can see your reflection.

All this allows for about 45 students to sit comfortably.  The table top is broken into sections about ten feet long.  Two students sit in each section.  Each student has a 3D projection device that can link to the teacher's device and mirror what he or she is displaying.  This is useful if the large projection is hard to see.  The student's device can also display other related information, or anything else the student wants to lookup.  This device is the property of the student.  They take it with them to all classes.

You enter the room at the bottom near the center.


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