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Recent Thoughts on My project

What age group am I targeting?  Who is my audience in general?

As I have described in previous posts, I am in the beginning stages of creating a story.  I will probably be publishing it here on this blog.  My goal is for it to be comparable in length to a novel, but I will publish here in chapters.

Obviously if I write this whole "book" or whatever it turns out to be, I would like everyone to read it.  It is looking like the main characters may be high school aged kids.  This got me thinking that maybe I should write this as a young adult fiction.  I'm still not sure which way to go with it.  I would like it to be interesting to adult readers.  Maybe if I just don't go too far in that direction I can keep it interesting to both groups.  I know I can't appeal to all readers, so I will have to make a choice at some point.

I have recently been reading the Harry Potter books.  My son, who is ten, read the first one and said that he didn't really like it.  I've seen a few of the movies, but I have never read the books.  I decided to give them a try.  My sone seems to have lost interest in reading in general lately, so I wanted to see what the series was like so I could talk to him about them.

I have also been watching the series "Mad Men" with my wife.  It is very good.  I would highly recommend it, but the show is full of mature content.

I am thinking my story should fall somewhere in between these two.  Appropriate for high school kids, but still interesting enough to keep an adults attention.

Recent slowdown in posts.

There are a few reasons for my recent lack of new posts.  I just finished up a few very busy weeks at work.  I have also been in a bit of a slump with all things in life due to the current world wide situation.  I think I am beginning to come out of that and get back to getting some thing accomplished.  We'll see how things go here.


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Writing Practice

My last 3 posts have been some writing practice unrelated to the story I am working on.  I chose to write about running since I've been doing a lot of that lately.  I started with a first person account of going on a morning run, then I copied that and changed it to third person point of view.  Some things are different between the two just because they sounded better.  It was fun to write about something personal.

I came back a couple days later and read them both.  I didn't really like either one.  The first person story seemed like it had "I" in every sentence, and the third person story had "he" in every sentence.  I decided to try to write something that doesn't use either one.  I managed to do it and I like the way it reads, but I'm not sure how it would work for a longer story.  I feels more like a poem.  Most of the "sentences" aren't actual sentences.  I think I'll give it a couple days again and come back and read it and …

Early Progress

I have started to work on some character and location descriptions for my main story.  When I have some of these more fully completed I will publish them here.  The characters so far are two students (who will likely be the main characters of the story), and a teacher.  I have also started on a description of the classroom.  This has been interesting.  I always enjoy books that spend a lot of time describing the scenes.

I also found this which seems to have some interesting links.  I have just started to go through them.

Eventually when I have some characters and locations fully worked out I plan to write some short stories that will probably tie into the main story.