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Morning Run First Person

I woke up suddenly.  It was already 6:50.

"Do I still have time to go for a run? I told myself yesterday I would do it." I thought to himself.

Even if I'm a little late I still want to go.  A short run should only take 30 min.  If I can get started before 7:00 I'll make it in time.  I drank a glass of water, got dressed, and put on a hooded sweatshirt.  Then I found my shoes.  I forgot my phone and head phones.  I quietly went back to my bedroom and grabbed them without waking my wife.  I put on my shoes and I was out the door just before 7:00.

It was cool June morning in Montana.  My phone said 48 degrees, but the sun was shining so it felt nice.  I hadn't run in the morning for a long time.  Also I had only been out of bed for a few minutes at this point.  I was slow getting started.  I felt stiff.  The cool air quickly woke me up.  I began to run.

"Even if I have to go slow I think I can make it."  I thought.

I was planning to go 3 miles.  The first mile was slow.  I was still getting warmed up and loosening my muscles.  I didn't do any stretching before I started since I was in such a hurry.

"I hope my knees don't start hurting."  I thought.  That happens sometimes when it's cold and I don't stretch.

The second mile started out the same, but half way through I hit the turnaround point.  By then I was warm and starting to sweat a bit.  I may have been better off without the sweatshirt.  After turning back towards home I started to feel good and was able to pick up the pace.

By the time I started the last mile I was feeling strong.  The third mile was the quickest of all. With each passing minute I increased the pace and before I knew it I was almost home.  I ran even faster for the last few minutes until I was finally home. 

I was warm, but enjoying the feeling of being done.  I stayed outside for a bit to cool off, but I still felt warm when I went in.  A quick shower and I'd be ready for work.  I made it.


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