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Morning Run Third Person

Matt woke up suddenly and looked at his alarm clock.  It was already 6:50.  Would he have time?  If he can start by 7:00 he should have time for a 30 minute run.  That's as far as he thought he could go this morning.  He drank a glass of water, got dressed, and put on a gray hooded sweatshirt.  Would he need the sweatshirt?  He hadn't had time to check the weather yet.

Matt grabbed his phone and headphones.  The temperature on his phone says 48 degrees.  A cool, calm, Montana June morning.

He stepped outside and was glad to be wearing the sweatshirt.  After getting some music playing it was time to start running.  This was his first morning run for many years.  He was feeling a bit cold and stiff, but he decided to start without stretching.  He would just take it easy at first and get warmed up while he was running.  He might regret making that decision later, but for now it made sense.

For the first mile he plodded down the paved bike path, just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  As he started to warm up he felt better and began to increase the pace.  He was relieved that his knees didn't start hurting, as sometimes happens when it is cold and he doesn't warm up.

When the second mile started he was still warming up.  There were some hills up and down for about a half mile.  He was handling them well.  Half way through this mile he hit the turnaround point.  He had made it half way.  By then he was warm and starting to sweat a bit.  He kept the sweatshirt on to avoid getting chills.  After turning back towards home he started to feel stronger and was able to pick up the pace even more. 

By the time he started the last mile he was feeling great.  With each passing minute he increased the pace.  This might be the fastest mile of the run.  Before he knew it he was almost home.  Pushing himself over the last hill he made it.  He was warm, but enjoying the feeling of being done.  He stayed outside for a bit to cool off.  He didn't have much time left so he went inside.  It felt warm when he went in.  After a quick shower he would be ready for work.  He made it.


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