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I've got several things planned for the next few weeks. Editing and revising of my third short story is almost complete. The final version of that will be published here. I ended up creating some interesting characters in that story. I am hoping I can write some other stories with them. I will add some character notes and draft versions of that story over on Patreon.

I will also post some other shorter stories I have started here on my blog. Maybe if there is any interest in them here, I will get motivated to finish more of them.

In the meantime I have been trying to do some kind of writing at least three times a week, daily writing being the end goal there. After my third short story is finished, I plan on going back to work on my novel. That was the whole reason I started this. I have an idea for a novel involving time travel, or more precisely, changes to the timeline. During the process I have come up with ideas for two other books. One will be non-fiction and related to reality being a simulation. The other book has to do with the future of man-kind as we advance and begin exploring space.

Good bye for now. I hope to post again soon.


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Meditation Post

  I just added something on Patreon that I wrote today. It is a story about meditation. It was just something quick I came up with based on some of my own experience. I'll post a portion of it here. I have meditated many times before, but the last one was very different. I sat down on the floor in front of the couch and crossed my legs, as I often do. I closed my eyes and searched with my mind. I could feel the window and the grass and trees beyond. I could feel the life outside watching me. I tried to reach out further, there was life everywhere. I left my body, as I have done occasionally. My body sat motionless on the floor below me as I floated upwards. I floated up further through the ceiling, glimpsing my attic, then I saw the roof. Slowly I spun around and the night sky came into view. It was a clear dark night, with no moon visible. The stars were all visible, like pinholes in a black sheet. I continued upwards. I could feel life all around me. Below me on the ground, in t

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  This is a story I started a while ago and never got back to.  It probably won't end up as a long story, but I would like to finish it. It was part of some practicing I was doing with suspense and adding conflict or setbacks to a story. John heard his mother calling from downstairs. "John, they're here! Come down!" Who was she talking about?  His mother sounded concerned.  Probably dinner guests he had failed to remember.  John was lying on the bottom bunk on his wooden bed.  The yellow undecorated walls of his room surrounding him.  He sat up and slid out of his bed.  He hit his head on something.  There was a loose screw that he had been meaning to tell his dad about. "I think my forehead is bleeding." he said out loud. John walked out into the hall and started towards the bathroom.  Suddenly, his older brother ran out of his room past him towards the stairs. "They are here John.  We need to get downstairs." said his brother. "Who is here?&

Patreon Post and Other Updates

I haven't posted here or on Patreon for several months.  Hopefully this will be the start of some new posts. I posted on Patreon today also. I got an email from Patreon about a writers group that is going to be meeting once a week. This motivated me to post again. I'm also going to try attending those meetings. Hopefully that will keep me motivated to keep writing. That's all for today.